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About Us

Who We Are

JR Mechanical & Plumbing is dedicated to Honesty, Value and Safety. Our value-driven approach to work, coupled with a rigorous work ethic, are just some of the reasons why people trust us with their HVAC/plumbing installation, repair and maintenance jobs. We quickly respond to your service needs. Our projects come in on time and in budget. We manage to provide these services with integrity, while still delivering best value.

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Impeccable Reputation

We are eager to maintain our reputation for high performance service & Installation delivery. Our highly skilled team team is drawn from an assorted field of competent and experienced experts, from all walks of life, who are driven by the same passion as us, creating a harmonious and cohesive workplace.

Competitive Prices

We offer the competitive prices, and that does not in any way negatively impact the quality of our service delivery. We are ardent believers in the value of consummate customer satisfaction, and we place aside every other consideration in a bid to strike this target.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our business strategy is about guaranteeing customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations and delivering top-notch service. We strive to give you 100% satisfaction and offer warranties on our labor and equipment.

Staying Within Your Budget

We can provide a variety of price options, including Value engineering or phase implementation so your company can stay within budget and still get the desired results of your new system.

Services We Provide

J.R.Mechanical & Plumbing provides experienced UA service techs for your HVAC and refrigeration service needs, along with UA pipe-fitters & plumbers for new & retrofit commercial and industrial HVAC and plumbing installations. Our team of trained professionals provide quality installations for a variety of different types of projects and services.

We take pride in doing the job right from the beginning. The safety of our employees and customers take priority as we plan our approach to your project. Our management team has over 35 years’ experience in the mechanical contracting industry, and a lifetime commitment to the Trades.

At JR Mechanical & Plumbing we believe in providing value and excellence.

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Commercial Market
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